Member Survey
The Indoor Tennis Club

Staying in touch with our membership is a top priority for the Indoor Tennis Club’s Board.  Your feedback is critical.  While you can always share your thoughts with Dave Russell and the Board members, this survey is a path for you to share your feedback about your club in an anonymous manner.  We hope everyone will participate.  Thank you!

About You

1. Membership type

2. Gender

3. Age group

4. Approximate year joined The Indoor

5. Which of the categories below best describes your level of play?

6. What type of court surfaces do you play on throughout the year?

7. Average playing frequency at The Indoor

8a. Memberships held at other clubs that offer tennis – check all that apply


The Indoor Club is considering ways to improve processes

8b. Would you prefer to receive your monthly bills from the club via email instead of regular mail?

8c. Would you prefer to pay the Club’s bill via online, electronic payment systems instead of writing a check to the Club?